+ How is Boxlet Storage different than self-storage?

Boxlet Storage is a peer-to-peer storage network. This means we use other people's residences as storage units. This has many benefits, including cheaper prices, closer locations, and more personable service.

+ Is your storage really that much cheaper?

Yes! Because Boxlet Storage is peer-to-peer storage, rather than centralized storage, we don't have to spend money on rental, management, or maintenance of storage units. We pass the savings of the gig economy to you, the storer.

+ What do I do if Boxlet Storage isn't in my area?

We'd love to have you with us. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

+ [Storers] How can I ensure that my items will be safe?

Boxlet Storage has several measures to ensure the safety of your belongings. First, all hosts are vetted to make sure they fit our host guidelines - most of whom are students themselves. Next, we ask you seal and sign all your boxes with your name (on the seal) to discourage tampering. Additionally, we ask that storers and host take pictures of the items they store through the app during drop-off. Finally, your storage is insured up to $500 in the unlikely event of damage.

+ [Storers] Do you provide moving services to transport my items to/from my host?

Boxlet Storage does not currently provide transport services for items, and storers are responsible for moving their items.

+ [Storers] How can I manage my booking, including changing my drop-off or pick-up date?

Storers can manage their bookings directly through the app, under "My Bookings".

+ [Storers] Are there any requirements for storing?

Yes. First, your items must fit in the allotted space you booked, else you risk a rate increase to the true size of your booking. Next, your items must be sealed in a container. Finally, the storer must sign all boxes and seals that they store.

+ [Storers] How can I get an invoice of my purchase?

All purchase details are reviewed before orders are booked. For invoices, please email [email protected] You should receive the invoice within 24 hours of emailing.

+ [Storers] How can I end my booking?

Bookings are terminated by the host once they have confirmed that you have picked up your items, or by emailing [email protected]

+ [Hosts] How can I manage my booking?

You may manage it through the "my bookings" section on the application.

+ [Hosts] How much can I make per month?

How much you make depends on how much space you have. In the past, hosts have made anywhere from $60 - $600+ per month.

+ [Hosts] How can I end my booking and receive my payout?

Simply go to "Manage Bookings", click "end booking", and select "Payouts" to automatically be redirected to collect your money.

+ [Hosts] How can I maximize how much money I'm making?

First, sharing your listing on social media, telling your friends, and other types of advertising exponentially help your chances of getting booked at your place. Next, putting up a high-resolution, neat picture of your storage place also tremendously helps.