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Boxlet, an “Airbnb for Storage”, is a great way to store your items. Rather than having to drag your items with a U-Haul at a Public Storage far away, you can use Boxlet to store items right across the street with your neighbors. We pass the savings of the sharing economy directly to you, providing the cheapest rates around. It's safe, easy, and designed for you. 

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The Boxlet Storer Experience.

Ensuring the smoothest, cheapest, most reliable experience possible.

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Storage near you.
No more U-Hauls.

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We ensure friendly, pre-screened host.

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Up to 50% cheaper rates than self-storage.

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We insure items up to $500 per booking.


How Boxlet Works


1. Find A Host

We help you find vetted hosts within your block.


2. Set Drop-Off

Decide your drop-off, then leave items with your host.


3. Pick Up

Use our application to set-up a convenient pick-up.


For Students. By Students.

Last summer, I spent $400 to store all my stuff in a storage unit. This summer, I paid less than half of that, and all my items were just down the street.

- Jason Wang, UC Berkeley


100+ Boxlet Bookings to Date!


Rates as low as $15/month.

Boxlet offers the lowest rates possible. We skip the management fees of traditional storage units, and pass the savings of the sharing economy to you.



10 Square Feet

20 Square Feet

40 Square Feet

Our Rates




No hidden fees.

‘Their’ Rates




^(Plus hidden fees)