How It Works


Find a Place to Store.

Enter your Zip Code to find local hosts near you. You can browse each location to view size and rates. Book when ready.


Schedule a Drop-Off.

Use the host contact info provided to schedule a drop-off and pick-up. Note storers aren’t responsible for delivering your items to/from their residence.


Prepare your Items for Packing.

Measure your items to ensure they fit in the allotted space. Seal all items in a closed container and sign the seal and each box. Larger items like chairs or drawers should be compacted (ex: broken down, tied together, taped shut, etc.) if possible.


Document Your Drop Off.

Document your items at drop-off by taking a picture of your items at drop-off in your hosts’ house. Pick-up when ready.


Pick-Up & End Booking.

Pick up your items from your host at the date listed on the application, and confirm your host has ended your booking on the app.