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Store Affordably
North, South, and East of Westwood


How Boxlet Works


1. Find A Host

We help you find vetted hosts within your block.


2. Set Drop-Off

Decide your drop-off time, then leave items with your host.


3. Pick Up

Use our application to set-up a convenient pick-up time.


Share Space.
Store Belongings.
Earn Money.


Boxlet is a Peer-to-Peer Storage solution. With extra space in your apartment, Boxlet allows you to rent your space to other people’s items. You can store Bruins’ items over summer, track how much you make, and easily set up pick-up and drop-off times through our app.
It’s safe, simple, and designed for you.


Sign-Up to Host

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When can you being hosting by?

Storage Units

Book them on Web, iOS or Android

Half Closet (10 ft²)



Competitors: $25/week

Big Closet (20 ft²)



Competitors: $28/week

Bathroom (40 ft²)



competitors: $38/week

Bedroom (80 ft²)



Competitors: $75/week

Cheaper than BoxCamp, Clutter, or traditional storage units!

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Store Today

Last summer, I spent $400 to store all my stuff in a storage unit. This summer, I paid less than half of that, and all my items were just down the street.

- Jason Wang, UC Berkeley